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Olenna Tyrell and the Purple Wedding


One of the things I enjoyed the most from last night’s Game of Thrones was how much they showed Olenna, and how they managed not only to show the audience who poisoned Joffrey, but also why. They showed Olenna doing a terrible thing, but they also humanized her by making clear what her reasons were: she was protecting her granddaughter from a husband who would have hurt her sooner or later, because Margaery may be willing to marry a terrible person to become a queen, but Olenna is not.

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“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”            John Muir

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every single time i look at my shelf:i need to buy more books


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asked: Daenerys Targaryen or Cersei Lannister

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why does anyone even care about other people doing things that have no negative outcome? like let girls take selfies with starbucks!! let straight dudes wear weird clothes!! let gay people be as feminine or as masculine as they want!! the next time you find yourself getting annoyed at someone, ask yourself “is this disrespectful? is this harmful to me or anyone else?” if the answer is no, then let it go - you probably have bigger things to worry about anyways

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